India Independence Day Vancouver 2016 – India Day



We would like to have your benign presence at India Day Celebrations to mark the 70th Independence Day of India dedicated to 300 martyrdom day of baba Banda Singh Bahadur (first Sikh General, the great warrior who established the first sikh empire in India )

It will be an honor for us to invite you at this program where the whole community will get together to make this event memorable.

Ever since its Independence in the year 1947, India and Indians have come a long way. India is a country of diverse cultures and religions, which continues to hold the belief of “Unity lies in Diversity”. On behalf of all the Indians staying in Canada, I will be glad to have your presence at this event, so as to strengthen the bond of love that we share with our community and this nation. This will be a great opportunity to educate all Canadians and the Indians staying here in Canada about our culture and further substantiate Canada’s international priority issues such as cultural diversity, inclusion and cohesion, peace and human security, and human development.

The program will start at 2.00 pm on August 21, 2016 at 8321-140th St. Surrey (Vedic Hindu Cultural Society). Please find the attachment, which contains details of the program.

It will be our pleasure to have you at this historic event of our community. We would really appreciate if you could confirm your availability as soon as possible at

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